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Stop watching everyone else join the Audiobook Revolution–and start cashing in on your unique content!

You are a self/indie-published author with a big problem.

It took so much money to create and market your book, you have little left over for an audiobook version.

But, you know you can gain a bigger, dedicated listener base with the audiobook market, as well as make more money from your already created book!

The only problem is, creating an audiobook sounds like a huge undertaking. You imagine all the madness that probably goes into it…

  • Like deciding whether to narrate it yourself...and how.
  • How to find a great narrator!
  • Whether to pay a narrator or split royalties with them
  • Deciding which platform to create your audiobook on…
  • Not to mention all the audiobook marketing and promotion you’d have to do to actually turn a profit…

  • But, you’ve heard success stories about audiobooks winning awards and making money from existing content

    It’s enough to make even the smartest author have a minor break down. But here’s the answer
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    • Richard Rieman

      Owner , Audiobook Revolution Productions LLC

      Richard Rieman

      Richard Rieman is an authority on Audiobook self-publishing.

      He has spoken on audiobook creation and promotion at the Nonfiction Writers Conference, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) webinars, Bublish, Women Writing the West, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), Author U, the Colorado Authors League, the Las Vegas Writers Conference, Ghost Writers of America, and many more.

      Richard has consulted on, narrated or produced over 200 indie-published audiobooks. He is the author of the Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing, "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation." Richard is also an Audible Approved Audiobook Narrator (Top 10%) and a 5-time winner of the EVVY Award for audiobook narration and production.

      Richard credits reading to his children in his monster and wizard voices for his love of audiobooks.


    Nancy Sprowell Geise, Author of the award-winning

    Over 3,000 Audiobooks Sold

    Nancy Sprowell Geise, Author of the award-winning "Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story

    “Wow, I cannot say enough about my experience in working with Richard Rieman. For anyone considering making their book into audiobook (which I highly recommend), there is no one I could more highly recommend helping make that a reality than Richard. You will not find anyone more professional, knowledgeable or helpful. He is simply the best!”
    Carrie Dickie, Author of

    Over 900 Audiobooks Sold in 60 Days

    Carrie Dickie, Author of "Network Marketing: The View from Venus”

    “It is with pleasure that I write these words about my new friend and business partner Richard Rieman. In a word, Richard is a professional. He is experienced, efficient, and truthful. Richard helped me to record my best work with his coaching. I loved working with him and can hardly wait to do my next book with him!”
    Sean Pratt, Acclaimed Audiobook Narrator (900 books and counting!) and Acting Coach,


    Sean Pratt, Acclaimed Audiobook Narrator (900 books and counting!) and Acting Coach,

    “Finally, … FINALLY! Someone has written an easy to understand, no nonsense primer for authors to help them navigate through the unknown waters of audiobook production! Richard steers this course by answering the myriad questions that writers have, concerning the journey of turning their work into a recording. BRAVO!”
    Steve Snyder, Author of the multi award-winning “Shot Down”

    "An Absolute Pleasure to Work With..."

    Steve Snyder, Author of the multi award-winning “Shot Down”

    “It was an absolute pleasure working with Richard Rieman to produce my audio book. Richard is very professional and is a great communicator. He guided me through the process step by step. SHOT DOWN could not have been better.”
    Dr. Judith Briles, The Book, Author of 36 Books

    "If you are considering creating an audiobook— whether you are the voice or you hire a professional narrator..."

    Dr. Judith Briles, The Book [email protected], Author of 36 Books

    "I love Richard's professionalism. He lines up everything needed; keeps the author and other players on track; gets the right studio team in place and finally guides you through the final stages of production."
    Toni K. Pacini, Author of “Alabama Blue”

    "Highly Recommended"

    Toni K. Pacini, Author of “Alabama Blue”

    "I recently published a Southern Gothic Memoir, and I have always been told to record my work. Then I heard about “The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation” and Richard Rieman. He takes the mystery out of the process and tells it like it is. Highly recommended.”